30cc 2-Stroke Brush Cutter

30cc 2-Stroke Brush Cutter

Pronto: 215007

The new Hyundai HYBC3000 brush cutter / grass trimmer is suitable for maintaining grass, tough weeds and scrub in locations where a wheeled machine cannot easily go or manoeuvre. It comes with an interchangeable two-string nylon cutter head and a four–tooth blade.

When needing to deal with scrub, tough weeds and longer, denser grass growth, the two-string nylon head should be swapped for the four-tooth metal blade. The result is a highly-effective cutting machine capable of dealing with overgrown areas including ground that is being reclaimed or being maintained less frequently within environmentally-sensitive areas.

For maximum safety and convenience, the on-off switch, throttle and presence safety trigger are all mounted on the hand grip to provide fingertip control of the machine’s operation, including instant cutter head stop when the right hand releases the safety trigger. A single-point adjuster enables the position of the handles to be adjusted easily to suit users of different heights.

For effective, impact-free grass-cutting close to walls, fences, posts and trees, users should select the two-string nylon head. The nylon line cutting mechanism can be used also to maintain untidy grass on sloping, uneven and open ground which may be difficult or awkward to access using a pedestrian or ride-on mower. Simply walk slowly forward while simultaneously sweeping the cutting head through an arc, using the vibration-damped handles to guide and control the machine