43cc 2-Stroke Brush Cutter

43cc 2-Stroke Brush Cutter

Pronto: 215008

Designed for cost-effective control of grass, scrub and weed growth in domestic garden and estate settings, this high-quality Hyundai brush cutter / grass trimmer is powered by an economical 43cc two-stroke engine producing an impressive 1.8hp.

Ideal for vegetation control in areas unsuitable for a wheeled or ride-on mower, the HYBC4300 brush cutter / trimmer will deal cost-effectively with grass growth alongside walls and fences and around posts, shrubs and trees where the use of the two-line nylon head will avoid impact damage to the surface beyond the grass. This cutting configuration is recommended also on undulating or sloping ground, where a sweeping action of the drive shaft enables wide swathes of grass to be cut both safely and effectively in a single pass.

For controlling tougher grass growth and woody vegetation, Hyundai supplies a four tooth blade that fits neatly and securely in place of the two-line nylon head.

The HYBC4300 brush cutter / trimmer has comfortable U-shaped handles with single-point adjustment, enabling the handles to be altered easily to suit users of differing heights and reach. To minimise effort during work, the machine comes with a double over-shoulder harness that comfortably supports the weight, allowing the operator to concentrate on the job in hand without fatigue. Enhanced operating efficiency and safety are assured by the vibration damped handle mountings.