Easy as…

Choose Products

Browse the store and select the pronto codes of the products you want.

Choose a plan

Select how long you want the term of the credit plan – from up to 24 months.

Apply in store

Come into your local Brian Bell Homecentre and see a Customer Credit Representative to complete the simple application form.

What is customer credit?

  • It’s a credit facility, in partnership with Finance Corporation Ltd, for approved Brian Bell customers
  • We partner with major Corporate & Government organisations
  • It’s an easy and reliable credit facility for our valued customers
  • It’s a service that allows our customers more choices
  • Allows customers to purchase products now and pay off over time

Customer credit benefits

  • Easy and simple application process
  • Progressive payments up to 24 months
  • Brian Bell after sales service guarantee
  • Acquire quality branded products from all Brian Bell Homecentres
  • Option to collect items in other Brian Bell Homecentre locations
  • Enjoy new household items at affordable pricing on credit
  • Use the product as you pay for it
  • Improve your standard of living

Customer credit scheme policy

Applying for customer credit

Click to view our Customer Credit brochure or download our application form