Terms and Conditions

This year, Brian Bell is giving away the biggest prize pool in its trading history and in PNG – over K450,00 worth of prizes.  Moreover, this type of competition is the first of its kind in the country in many years – scratchy cards.  Customers have more than 2,500 chances of winning gift cards or stock prizes that they can instantly take home with them.

The mechanics for the SCRATCH & WIN competition is as follows:

  1. Customer will receive one (1) SCRATCH & WIN ticket for retail cash and Customer Credit (CCS) purchases of K100 and above total purchases in a single transaction from any Scratch & Win competition participating stores:

Brian Bell Homecentres

Brian Bell Agriculture

Brian Bell Powercentre Port Moresby

  1. Total purchase amount is calculated after all discounts and/or savings have been applied.
  1. After a customer receives his/her purchase receipt from Point-of-Sale (POS), he/she must proceed to the Scratch & Win booth to receive a Scratch & Win ticket.
  2. Scratch all nine (9) stars; match at least three (3) of the same prize icons to instantly win that prize.TOTAL of K450,000 worth of prizes to be won, namely:
    1. Gift Vouchers x 7 types
      • K20 x 500 units
      • K50 x 210 units
      • K100 x 195 units
      • K200 x 155 units
      • K500 x 76 units
      • K1,000 x 38 units
      • K2,000 x 16 units
    2. Stock Prizes x 20 types
      • Nike Soccer Ball (282080) – 160 units
      • Integrity 280Lt Fridge (280069) – 30 units
      • Integrity Twin Tub Washing Machine (269912) – 30 units
      • Samsung 40”LED TV (281492) – 26 units
      • Starvision 40” LED Smart TV (282848) – 26 units
      • Integrity 32” LED TV (286505) – 27 units
      • Haus 60Lt Benchtop Oven (280587) – 16 units
      • Staraudio Splash Speaker (280734) – 80 units
      • Staraudio Earbeats (281541) – 320 units
      • Dreamwave 30W Elemental Speaker (267758) – 12 units
      • Singer Manual Sewing Machine (261242) – 18 units
      • Steeden Rugby Ball (281937) – 80 units
      • Tramontina 3Pc Cookware Set (268147) – 40 units
      • Home & Co. 3 Pc Cookware Set (268824) – 40 units
      • Coleman 15Lt Cooler (118663) – 40 units
      • Haus 2-slice Toaster (275016) – 32 units
      • Haus 1.7Lt Electric Kettle (283914) – 32 units
      • Integrity 3B BBQ Grill (271951) – 20 units
      • Air Monster 30cm Table Fan (220124) – 40 units
      • Haus 2.8Lt Rice Cooker (275016) – 40 units
  1. Customers can only use one and the same receipt to receive one (1) SCRATCH & WIN ticket. Only one (1) prize can be given to a customer with a winning SCRATCH & WIN ticket.
  1. The customer cannot use the same receipt to claim another SCRATCH & WIN ticket.
  1. The same customer can win multiple times in a single day provided he/she fulfills the Terms and Conditions of the Scratch & Win promo.
  1. If they win a prize, customers must present their (1) purchase receipt and their (2) winning Scratch & Win ticket at the Scratch & Win booth in any participating Scratch & Win store:
  1. If the prize is:
    1. Gift Card
      Winner can use the gift card to purchase any product in any Brian Bell Homecentre, Agriculture or Powercentre store in his/her next transaction and subject to terms and conditions stipulated on the use of the Brian Bell Homecentres gift card.
    2. Stock
      It is the winner’s responsibility to transport his/her prize to the house/chosen destination.  No free delivery.
  1. If there are no three (3) matching prize icons, customer can still use the SCRATCH & WIN ticket to avail of the 10% discount to be applied against his/her total purchases in his/her next retail cash or CCS transaction in any Brian Bell Homecentre, Brian Bell Agriculture or Powercentre store. This discount is not in conjunction with any other discount; 10% discount is valid for use against purchases by COB Sunday 31st January 2021.
  2. The 10% discount can only be used once; non-prize SCRATCH & WIN tickets must be surrendered at the POS once the 10% discount against purchases has been used.
  3. To be eligible to enter the Scratch & Win competition, all customers must:
        1. Must be a legal resident of Papua New Guinea.
        2. Must be at least 18 years of age to win or claim a prize. In the instance where the winner is less than 18 years old, the prize will be awarded to a legal guardian.
        3. Brian Bell Homecentres in its sole discretion determines the winner/s.
        4. Brian Bell Homecentres in its sole discretion reserves the right to substitute the stock should the prize be unavailable.
        5. Brian Bell Homecentres takes no responsibility once the prize is awarded to a winner.
  1. Exempted from participating or winning in this Competition are:
      1. Any person who at any time on or after commencement date of competition was or is a director, officer, employee, agent of Brian Bell Homecentres or any of the Company’s respective parents, subsidiaries, divisions, or affiliated companies, or service agencies.
      2. Individuals engaged in the development, production or distribution of materials for this Competition.
      3. Team members and their immediate family members.Persons who are or purport to be immediate family members of Brian Bell Group employees, in any of the preceding categories defined as:
        1. Biological Parent
        2. Step-mother
        3. Step-father
        4. Sister
        5. Brother
        6. Daughter
        7. Son
        8. Dependent
        9. Spouse (of any of the foregoing)
      4. Account Customers
      5. Retail cash or CCS customers with receipts/invoices before and after the SCRATCH & WIN promotion dates
      6. Retail cash or CCS customers with receipts/invoices from Brian Bell stores other than participating stores in the Scratch & Win competition Customers with SCRATCH & WIN tickets and/or receipt/invoices that have been tampered with
      7. Customers with SCRATCH & WIN tickets that have already been stamped with PRIZE CLAIMED
      8. Customers with SCRATCH & WIN tickets that have been tampered with
  1. Participating stores where prizes can be claimed:
    Brian Bell Homecentres
      • Gordons
      • Plaza, Boroko
      • Vision City
      • Plaza Lae
      • Mt Hagen
      • Madang
      • Kokopo
      • Goroka
  1. The last day for issuing the SCRATCH & WIN tickets is on COB Thursday 24th December 2020 or until SCRATCH & WIN tickets last.Winners can claim their stock and gift card prizes no later than COB Sunday 31st January 2021.Gift Card prizes can only be used to purchase goods from any Brian Bell Homecentre, Brian Bell Agriculture and Brian Bell Powercentre store until COB Sunday 31st January 2021.Customers can use non-prize SCRATCH & WIN tickets to collect their 10% discount against their retail cash purchases in any Brian Bell Homecentre, Brian Bell Agriculture or Brian Bell Powercentre store until COB Sunday 31st January 2021.
  1. By joining the SCRATCH & WIN competition, customers agree and abide by the SCRATCH & WIN’s full terms and conditions.  Customers also consent for their names, contact details and photographs to be published and used for marketing purposes such as but not limited to FB posts, newspapers ads, TV spots or coverages and instore flyers.
  2. Promo starts Monday 2nd November until COB Thursday 24th December 2020.